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Car Drop Off and Collection

This article was shared from the Dinnington High School website.

Dear Parents/Carers

We need your help to keep everyone’s children safe.

More students than ever before are being dropped off and collected from school by car. This is causing some hot spots that risk compromising the safety of your children.

1) Please avoid dropping off and picking up on the school side of Doe Quarry Lane, thus blocking the road, even for a short period. You can do quick drop offs and collections in the long layby that runs between the staff front car park and Doe Quarry Lane.

2) If you collect and drop off from the bus park, please use the attached plan. It is crucial that cars do NOT park/wait in the entrance to the bus park or the central section of the bus park. There are times the buses cannot get onto the bus park or into their bus bays or cannot reverse safely out again, and this causes a wide range of issues.

Even better if: consider parking further away from school so students have to get some steps in walking to and from school. That means you can find a safe place to park that does not block any busy areas.

Staff on duty in the coach park will ask you to move on if you are parked in the central area (shown in red on the attached plan). We want to be able to keep the bus park open for parents’ vehicles at the start and end of the day when parents are really on a tight schedule. To keep doing this safely, we need everyone to follow our guidance.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.


Bus Park Usage Plan – Safe dropping off and collecting of students from the school bus park

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