Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

We have a moral obligation to our academies and our communities to act decisively to enhance the education of all students and to ensure that they achieve so that they are successfully equipped for the next stages in their learning, training and employment.

We will cultivate an environment in which all our students are challenged, supported and encouraged to succeed, building their resilience and their sense of aspiration.

We work decisively and rapidly to ensure that leadership at all levels is strong, that systems and structures are robust, and to transform classroom teaching and learning practice in our academies.

We aim to become a leading 3 to 19 Trust in the East Midlands and Humber region, with above average outcomes for students and a reputation for excellence. We demonstrate integrity and professionalism in everything that we do.

1. Improvement

To improve our academies

  • Increase the attainment and progress of all students
  • Enhance the rigour, accountability and effectiveness of leadership across all academies
  • Implement our Trust curriculum model to ensure the curriculum, courses and structures maximise students’ progress
  • Employ our Trust assessment model to improve the accuracy of assessment, recording and reporting systems
  • Employ our Trust model for Teaching and Learning to ensure quality first teaching supports learning and progress
  • Develop our CPD programme in order to enhance the skills of all staff and enhance student progress
1. Improvement

2. Partnerships

To develop partnerships in order to enhance our provision, skills and capacity to improve

  • Share best practice and develop innovative solutions across the Trust
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other MATs and educational providers
  • Support the effective work of Academy Ambassadors
  • Develop enhanced links with universities
  • Further improve our links with teaching schools
  • Engage with the wider business community
  • Work with other outstanding educational providers
  • Foster good working relationships with the RSC, DFE, Ofsted and other Governmental agencies
  • Further enhance the work with our learning communities
2. Partnerships

3. Growth

To grow the Trust in order to support schools/academies and communities in need, to enhance our capacity and to ensure sustainability

  • Work with academies in communities in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and surrounding areas
  • Develop our provision to a 3 to 19 MAT
  • Work with academies who share our vision and purpose
  • Work with academies who wish to join the Trust that add capacity to improve and enhance our provision
  • Support schools/academies in need of improvement
  • Enhance our capacity in order to improve and sustain performance in all Trust academies
  • Have robust due diligence for all conversion projects
  • Become an academy sponsor in order to support schools requiring urgent improvement
3. Growth

4. Sustainability

To ensure our financial sustainability and value for money

  • Ensure our financial reporting and monitoring systems are robust
  • Develop our central services team in order to increase efficiencies and economies of scale
  • Use benchmarking and Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning (ICFP) to inform our strategic budgeting
  • Oversee centrally all procurement and contracts in order to secure best value
  • Have a robust 3-year budget plan for each academy
  • Ensure innovation in order to generate income
  • Ensure estates are efficiently managed
4. Sustainability

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