Vision & Values

Vision & Values

LEAP Trust Vision Statement

As a Trust, Achieving Excellence is our overriding ambition.

Excellence for our Students

Graphic that reads: "The LEAP Vision: Excellence for our Students."

Inspiring, challenging, engaging and supporting all of our students to achieve excellent outcomes irrespective of their starting points. Every student is provided with a clear progression route to the next stage of their education and career.

Excellence for our Staff

Graphic that reads: "The LEAP Vision: Excellence for our staff".

Driving excellence in professional practice to support career progression opportunities for colleagues, and developing a team approach that meets the needs and aspirations of all students.

Excellence for our Schools

Graphic that reads: "The LEAP vision: Excellence for our schools".

Enhancing leadership, teaching and learning, and central and shared services to maximise performance and enhance cost efficiencies.

Excellence for our Communities

Graphic that reads: "The LEAP vision: excellence for our communities".

Building positive partnerships with our parents, primary schools and the wider community, and positively promoting our Achieving Excellence vision.

Our Aims and Ethos

  • We have a moral obligation to our community schools to act decisively to enhance the education of all students so as to ensure that they are successfully qualified and equipped for the next stages in their learning, training and employment.
  • We aim to cultivate an environment in which all our students are challenged, supported and encouraged to succeed, building their resilience and their sense of aspiration.
  • We aim to ensure that leadership at all levels is strong, that systems and structures are robust, and to transform classroom teaching and learning practice in our schools.
  • We aim to become a highly-regarded Trust in the East Midlands and Humber region, with above average outcomes for students and a reputation for excellence.
  • We aim to demonstrate integrity and professionalism in everything that we do.

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